What Makes Our Bakery Great

Our store bakeries are popular destinations for a good reason. We bake daily, using only cage-free eggs, natural butters and the best quality unbleached, unbromated flour available. 

We never allow artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or hydrogenated fats in any of the food we sell, so the next time the aroma of fresh baked-bread lures you to one of our bakeries, rest assured that whatever you buy for you and your family will be the very best available. 

Our Gluten Free Bakehouse

We pioneered gluten-free baking, with an independent offsite bakehouse dedicated exclusively to the creation of an ever-growing number of gluten-free products, from sandwich bread and pizza crust to cookies and extraordinary desserts. Look for items from our gluten free bakehouse in the freezer section of your local store!