Expanded Paleo-Friendly Offerings

Shop these local pre-made goods or create your own paleo recipes...it's a no-grainer!

Love Grace: Juices that are certified organic, non-GMO, cold pressed and made with love. 

Eating Evolved: Chocolate sweetened with organic unrefined granulated coconut sugar. 

Steve's PaleoGoods: Great Paleo snacks - perfect for on the go!

LuliTonix: Crave-worthy raw organic blended greens, elixirs and cleanses. 

Chia Star Protein Shakes: Get your omega-3s in this chia seed packed drink. A great low-sugar alternative to juices. 

Organic Gemini Grainless Granola: Gluten-free and nut-free granola using TigerNuts. 

Exo: A high-protein, low-sugar savory meal bar. 

Hu Kitchen: Hu's chocolate = cacao + unrefined organic coconut sugar.